Transitioning to Homesteading: Your Guide to Success

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ever fantasized about exchanging the busyness of life for something simpler and more purposeful? If so, consider transitioning to homesteading.

Welcome to homesteading. It's more than just growing veggies or raising livestock.

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It's about taking control of your lifestyle and resources.

Living the homestead life means embracing simplicity and sustainability, often by growing your own food and minimizing waste.

It means getting backyard chickens for eggs and meat too.

Other homestead animals to consider could include turkeys, meat rabbits, goats, sheep, quail, or even pigs. And if you're lucky enough to live on acreage, you may even have the option to get a milk cow.

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In fact, backyard chickens may lead to other animals.

 It's entirely possible to start small. We began with a garden and chickens at our off grid homestead.

don't worry if starting homesteading sounds overwhelming

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You'll need to figure out how much to plant in your vegetable garden, and what crops your family needs.

To truly embrace the homesteading life, you'll need to make conscious decisions about your resources.

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