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These donuts have a unique flavor and texture that will satisfy your sweet tooth and are ideal for sharing with family and friends.

To make this sourdough donut with vanilla glaze, you will need:

– Milk – Sugar – Butter – Sourdough Starter  – Salt – Eggs – Flour – Vanilla Extract

Heat Heat milk, sugar, and butter just until the milk warms and the butter melts.

Combine Combine the milk mixture, sourdough starter, salt, and eggs in a stand mixer.

Knead  Using a dough hook , knead to form a tacky dough.

Knead Transfer dough to a floured surface, kneading by hand forming a smooth elastic ball.

Stamp Donuts  Rise dough and roll out on a floured surface. Stamp out donuts and donut holes.

Rest Dough Place cut-outs on a flat surface, letting rest to become slightly puffy.

 Sugar Glaze Mix all the glaze ingredients to create the sugar glaze.

Fry Fry the donuts and transfer them to a baking rack over a sheet pan.

Get the full step-by-step process and follow the tips to help you get a perfect sourdough donut with vanilla glaze.

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