Off Grid Living Mistakes I Made & How to Avoid Them

Have you always dreamed of escaping cubicle life and traffic jams to live off the grid independent and free?  I did. But in all my daydreams, I didn't imagine I'd make a whole lot of off grid living mistakes. Mistakes that could have been avoided if I'd been more prepared.

Here are five key mistakes I made, and how to avoid them if your future plans include going off the grid.

MISTAKE #1:  I didn't know enough about off grid power systems

SOLUTION: Start learning about off grid living power now

Read Will Prowse's book Mobile Solar Power Made Easy! Yes, it's about installing solar panels on an RV. 

MISTAKE #2: Unrealistic idea of off grid homesteads 

Spending time daydreaming instead of learning useful off the grid living homesteading skills.

SOLUTION: Learn Homesteading basics before going off the grid

Making off grid living mistakes is pretty much a given in this lifestyle. Yet the explosion of homesteading, prepping, survival, and off the grid websites.

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