How to Make Old Time Chicken Feed Recipes

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Did you run out of chicken feed recently? A couple of years ago, our fall order of chicken feed was running I started using old time chicken feed recipes to keep our girls happy.

Before jumping into the list, here are a few things to remember.

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Chickens can go up to 48 hours (two days) without eating. However, chickens MUST have water every day.

NEVER give chickens chocolate, spoiled food, raw potato peels, or raw avocado peels. Don't use chicken feed recipes that include any of these ingredients.

If you feed your chickens beans, onions or garlic, their eggs will taste ODD.

– cooked oatmeal (cooled, no seasoning) – quinoa (cooled, no seasoning) – cooked cornmeal (cooled, no seasoning) – bulgar (cooked) – cooked rice (white, brown, or wild rice) – cooked lentils

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When we run out of chicken feed we give our chickens the following:

IIn the winter we often give them warm porridge when the temperature is below freezing.

We also give them fermented chicken feed ,and  vegetable scraps.

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You'll find the rest of the list of our homemade chicken feed recipes over on our site.

We also make DIY flock blocks for them to peck away at.

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