Honey Lemon Ginger Turmeric Cold Remedy 

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This simple syrup recipe is a powerhouse of health benefits, perfect for the cold and flu season.

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01 Use fresh ingredients - especially yeast

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02 Storage: dry is nice


You'll need honey, ginger, lemon and turmeric to make this syrup, plus a clean mason jar, measuring spoons and a spatula.

Use fresh ginger if you can get it as the flavor is much stronger than powdered for this syrup.

First, pour your honey into a clean 16 oz. Mason jar and stir in your turmeric until it's well blended.

Next, slice up your lemon and ginger into thin pieces. Alternate layers of lemon and ginger in the honey.

Let the ginger honey syrup sit for a few hours to combine all the flavors. Keep the jar in the fridge; it should last 3-4 weeks.

Get the step-by-step instructions and more tips on how to make ginger honey syrup here.

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