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DIY emergency candles are a great resource to have on hand for power outages and extended blackouts. They can be an essential part of your emergency preparedness kit.


– Glass jars – Soy Wax flakes or pellets – glass measuring cup – Candle Wick Roll  – Metal sustainer tabs – Hot glue or double-sided sticky dots

Measure the jar and cut the candle wicks to be 2" longer than the glass jar.

Since I use various glass jars in different sizes, I find it easiest to measure my soy flakes into the jars first thing before melting them into liquid wax.

.Slide wick through the metal sustainer tab and secure with double-sided sticky dots, or use a dab of hot glue.

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Once you buy your supplies they're inexpensive, and good for camping trips and power outages.

homemade emergency candles are easy to make.

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Wooden clothespins work well too if you don't have metal wick holders.

If you use a candle-making kit with wick holders, use those to hold your wax straight up in the jar.

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Heat soy wax pellets/flakes in the microwave for 1 minute, stir, and repeat these two steps in 30-second increments until the wax completely melts.

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Alternatively, use a double-boiler to melt the wax for your homemade  emergency candles.