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How to Make and Use Dandelion Oil and Salve

It offers numerous benefits, including its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to soothe skin irritations, and potential for promoting healthy liver function.

To make a good Dandelion Salve, you need first to make a Dandelion Infused Oil.

You'll need the following for Infused Oil: – Dried dandelion flowers - Extra virgin olive oil - Glass jars

Rinse, drain, and lay dandelion. Place it in a pint jar, pour olive oil and strain it into a clean jar.

You'll need the following for Dandelion Salve: – Dandelion-infused oil - Beeswax pastilles - Tamanu oil

Melt beeswax over medium heat. Remove from heat and stir in dandelion oil and tamanu oil then pour into a container.

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