Getting rid of old appliances can be tricky. If you don’t have municipal recycling facilities, removing old appliances is pretty challenging

check out these these ideas of what  to do with used appliances if you can’t dispose of them easily.

Reuse all your racks.

For example, dishwasher racks make great plate and cup storage. Use them on open shelves or in your kitchen cupboards.

Try to repair or refurbush your appliance.

Our wood burning cookstove is a refurbished early 1900s stove and it works like a charm. However, make sure you get a professional to do the job so it meets today's standards.

Turn it into a DIY Planter!

Post them online.

If you can’t easily dispose of appliances in your area, post them online for free. Your old washer or dryer may find a home with someone who wants to retrofit it as an off grid appliance. Or a scrap dealer may even give. you some cash!

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