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Feel free to adapt this recipe to use up whatever cookie dough or cookie crumbs you have on hand.

Here are the ingredients you need for this Dutch oven Sourdough Bread Recipe:

– Butter – Sugar – Baking powder & soda – Salt – Egg – Almond Extract – Flour – Sliced Peaches

Whip the butter Using a whisk, hand mixer, or an electric mixer, whip butter in a large mixing bowl.

Mix the ingredients Mix sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, egg, almond extract and flour until well combined.

Put in the fridge Cover and place bowl with cookie dough in the fridge for 2 to 24 hours.

Check the dough Check dough. it should be dry and crumbly.

Pour in a pan Pour peaches and syrup into a 9 x 9 pan or casserole.

Sprinkle  Sprinkle cookie dough on top with a spoon.

Bake  Bake the cookie dough at 375 F for 30 minutes.

Cool Let cool for 15 minutes.

Get the full step-by-step process and follow the tips to help you get a perfect leftover cookie crumb peach cobbler recipe.

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