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Homemade Chicken Jerky Recipe

Jerky is dehydrated meat or poultry. It's very lightweight and full of nutrients.

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01 Use fresh ingredients - especially yeast

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Iit's a lot cheaper to make your own jerky than to buy it. Plus you know exactly what is, and what isn't, in it.

To make this chicken jerky recipe, you'll need skinless chicken breasts or chicken slices, a food dehydrator, chili spices, and curing salt.

I used curing salt as a curing agent for making my jerky. This helps the chicken breast keep its flavor and extends the shelf life of the dehydrated chicken.

The chicken pieces are sliced into thin strips, then coated in your spice blend.

Choose whichever dried herbs or spices you like. Garlic, dried sage, or black pepper are common jerky spices.

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