If you’re coming to the end of your chicken feed bag, and it’s not quite time to load up on your backyard chicken supplies, here’s a quick list of foods to feed to chickens when you run out of feed.

Before jumping into the list, here are a few things to keep in mind. 1. Chickens can go up to 48 hours (that's two days) without eating. 2. Chickens MUST have water every day.

3. NEVER give chickens chocolate, spoiled food, raw potato peels, or raw avocado peels. Don't use chicken feed recipes that include any of these ingredients. 4. If you feed your chickens beans, onions or garlic, their eggs will taste ODD.

5. The more natural greens (weeds, grasses, leaves) your chickens eat, the better their eggs will taste. 6. Cook up a warm "poultry porridge mash" chicken feed recipe in the winter. It will warm them up when the temperatures drop below zero.

Here's what we give our cold-hardy chickens when we're low on feed.

– cooked oatmeal (cooled, no seasoning) – quinoa (cooled, no seasoning) – cooked cornmeal (cooled, no seasoning) – bulgar (cooked)

– cooked rice (white, brown, or wild rice) – cooked lentils – flax seeds – sunflower seeds – plain yogurt – cheese – fish guts – scrambled eggs – hardboiled eggs (chopped)

– dandelion greens – chickweed – other edible weeds (plantain, chamomile, etc.) – edible leaves and grass – mosquitoes! (our bug zapper gets filled quickly) – bananas – grapes – lettuce


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