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45 Best Homestead Blogs For 2024

Do you have a homestead? Are you just in the dreaming stages of owning a homestead? We've been there!

Today, I'm sharing the best homestead blogs of 2024 to inspire and educate you.

You'll learn about self-reliance activities, living off the grid, growing your own food, raising animals, making your own household products, and so much more.

I hope you have as much fun devouring these homesteading blogs as I had putting the list together!

HIDDEN SPRINGS HOMESTEAD After learning to can and preserve food, Dianne found that buying the food she wanted to preserve was too expensive. That led her to learn to garden.

ATTAINABLE SUSTAINABLE Kris now lives in Hawaii, where she grows some of her own produce and raises chickens and ducks.

AS FOR ME AND MY HOMESTEAD Jamie, her husband, and her children live on 5 acres in Idaho. They homeschool the kids, raise chickens and cows, and post fabulous recipes.

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